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Sowing the Seeds

March 26, 2009

seedlingIsn’t it good to chat to someone who knows what they’re talking about?  There’s something really satisfying about talking to people who are the experts in their chosen fields.  It’s almost as if their wisdom might somehow magically rub off on to you.

This thought struck me recently after I’d had a lovely phone conversation with one of our customers, Phil, who just happens to be a very keen vegetable gardener.  I’d called him up to talk about something to do with work and got into chatting about what seeds and bulbs he’s sown recently and what lovely dishes he was going to cook up with all the produce from his allotment. 

After a good fifteen minutes of chat talking about everything from using seaweed as a fertiliser to growing tomatoes in hanging baskets we realised the time and got back to the work in hand.

This is a bit like the conversations I also have with my father-in-law, Seamus.  There’s another very lovely man who is an undertaker, musician, Web 2. 0 enthusiast, author, songwriter and, in his spare time, a fiddle repair man.  It’s fair to say that he has many strings to his bow. 

Seamus has many visitors from all over Ireland and the UK who bring their precious fiddles and violins to him for repair and he’s often to be found surfing eBay, on the lookout for a broken instrument in need of some tlc or major overhaul.  The irony is that he doesn’t play the fiddle very well himself, he’s a guitar man, but however he does it, he manages to make even the sorriest instrument sing high and sweet again.   His next project is to build a full size harp from scratch, when he gets a moment.

I also met a true craftsman recently, Joe from Alpha Stained Glass windows in Derry.  Joe and his team create the most beautiful windows in a whole rainbow of colours from all sizes of what is just, essentially, pieces of coloured glass.  But the skill that goes into making the windows, large or small, traditional or contemporary, is something else. 

We’re very lucky to have one of their creations here at Pool Heights.  And the way the staircase lights up on a sunny afternoon as the sun streams through the window that Joe and his team created for us is truly uplifting.

Not only is it soul enhancing to listen to someone talk with a passion about their ‘thing’ but it’s amazing what you can learn.  When you hear the enthusiasm in their voice or pick up the knowledge from their written words you get your own little ‘can do’ bean to sow yourself.

So thank you to the Joe’s, Seamus’ and Phil’s out there – you’re an inspiration.