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“No nay neverrr, no more”

March 17, 2009

bodhranWorking up in the garret in Clarendon Street, sometimes called the eyrie, is a new experience for me.

Firstly, there are three Andrews up here at the moment which makes any form of meaningful communication virtually impossible.

Secondly, I didn’t realise how much I missed the office banter… bouncing ideas off the creative team (having my ideas purloined for our in house competition!).

You just don’t get this working from home, nor do you get the occasional cup of tea which, as anyone who has attended a recent Authoring Tool workshop will understand, is best when made by someone else.

Highlights, so far, has to have been getting first pint of Guinness in with the band in Peadar’s bar striking up ‘Wild Rover’, then moving on to ‘No Man’s Land’.   How clever was I to coincide my visit to colleagues with an international day of celebrating all things irish?

Later in another pub up the road the we sang along to ‘Whiskey in the jar’.  It’s St Patrick’s Day today (loved the Eastenders take on getting the day wrong) so possibly more merriment tonight.  Possibly?  Who am I kidding?

Now did I pack my bodhran? Altogether,  “And it’s no nay never, tum, tum tum tum…”

Andy H