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Mind your language

March 18, 2009


Just so that you know,  if you work in local government you shouldn’t be using these words as they’re meaningless, confusing and generally not understood by most people.

Going to be pretty quiet round here then …………..


PS.  Ok, you can use them.  But if you’re absolutely, cross your heart sure that the people you’re talking to do actually have a tiny bit of intelligence.  But only if you’re sure.  Wouldn’t want to confuse the poppets.


Fingers on the pulse

August 31, 2008

finger on the pulseI love knowing what’s going on – little bits of information keep me interested. 

Bite sized chunks work best for me and it’s not just a case of in one ear and out the other either, some stuff actually sticks. 

So whenever I stumble upon a website I like the look of I always sign up to their newsletter straight away. 

My favourite news service at the moment has to the be LGA’s daily News Headlines.  Whoever puts their clippings together has a certain sense of humour (and a healthy obsession with bins).  I like the coverage of all things in the public sector world, from the sublime to the ridiculous, and it reminds me just how big the public sector world is – and how it touches everyone, nearly every day.  There are other email alerts too – a weekly round up and sector specific emails.

The other good news service I read is which covers public sector IT news from central and local government as well as bits from the EU too.  More weighty than the LGA’s service but equally interesting.

And then there’s the IDeA’s weekly Knowledge bulletin, complete with cartoon.  A good mix of worthy, disposable and must-read stuff.

What are you favourite ways of keeping your finger on the pulse of local government?