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Mind your language

March 18, 2009


Just so that you know,  if you work in local government you shouldn’t be using these words as they’re meaningless, confusing and generally not understood by most people.

Going to be pretty quiet round here then …………..


PS.  Ok, you can use them.  But if you’re absolutely, cross your heart sure that the people you’re talking to do actually have a tiny bit of intelligence.  But only if you’re sure.  Wouldn’t want to confuse the poppets.


Aprendizaje, or e-learning in any language

August 22, 2008

spanish e-learningAs some of you may know I am learning Spanish at the moment and Coffee Break Spanish , also known as ‘language learning with your latte’ is one of my favourite resources on the web.

My favourite feature on the site has to be the weekly 15 minute podcast which I download and put onto my MP3 player so I can then listen to it wherever and whenever I like.  I sometimes get some funny looks on my way home on the Tube when I practice out loud though.

The web site has a community forum and teacher, Mark, publishes a regular blog which is intereting.

More advanced learners should check out Notes in Spanish which, though less structured in approach, does contain conversational podcasts and videos.  You can download worksheets and join the forum as well as reading Ben’s Blog.

What strikes me about these sites is that nowhere, but nowhere, is the word ‘e-learning’ used (but more on the importance of definitions in a future blog).  Instead there’s quality content, which is fit for purpose and does exactly what it says on the tin.  I think we can learn a lot about delivering learning from these sites.