Training front line staff on migrant worker issues


West Norfolk Partnership has commissioned Learning Pool to create an interactive learning resource that will be used to improve customer service staff awareness of a range of migrant worker issues.


The resource will be created in Learning Pool’s authoring tool and hosted on a Learning Pool Dynamic Learning Environment (DLE).  The resource will make extensive use of all the research that has been carried out and completed by project partners.


Migrant workers form a significant proportion of queries posed to frontline customer service staff across voluntary and public sector agencies in West Norfolk.  Martin Slater, Partnership Delivery Officer for the Local Strategic Partnership, explained: “The learning resource is designed to help those staff provide advice and guidance to migrant workers in a sensitive, respectful and effective way.”


The West Norfolk Partnership is a group of private, voluntary and statutory organisations and the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk is a key player in driving forward partnership activity.


The learning resource consists of an e-learning module plus a DLE.  The e-learning has different modules and topics promoting social cohesion, cultural awareness, managing language barriers and understanding rights and responsibilities.  It uses storytelling and scenarios to convey the key messages.


But it’s the DLE that provides the exciting and potentially ground breaking element of the project.  


As well as delivering the e-learning, the DLE will be a one stop shop for all front line staff across the partnership organisations to visit.  The Web 2.0 tools of the DLE will allow learners to take part in discussion forums, read blogs, view podcasts of council workers and podcasts of migrant workers.  


Glossaries and FAQ’s will encourage learners to become more confident with different languages, while the myth busting section will correct factual inaccuracies.  Visitors to the DLE will be encouraged to share their experience and practices with other front line staff.


Martin added:  “Our work with Learning Pool is a vital element of our West Norfolk Cohesion Strategy and will equip our front staff with the training, guidance and networking opportunities they need.”


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