LB Haringey switches seamlessly to a Learning Pool DLE

“It was a bit of a no-brainer, really!” said Sean Ramdin of London Borough of Haringey’s decision to move from their original LMS provider to a Learning Pool DLE.  “Learning Pool’s DLE provides excellent Web 2.0 functionality and superb value for money which is difficult to match in the market place.”

Despite the obvious attractions of the DLE, the decision to move wasn’t straightforward for Haringey as they had over two years worth of learner records that they had amassed with their old LMS.  This data, from over 3,700 learners and over 40 courses, was seamlessly transferred, in just 4 weeks, to a brand new Learning Pool DLE.  The courses involved were a mixture of Learning Pool commissioned, courses created in the Learning Pool authoring tool and 3rd party commissioned.

As well as the data transfer, Learning Pool’s technical team also created an eye catching theme for the DLE using Haringey’s in house style sheet.  The chosen theme needed to exactly mirror Haringey’s external website and Sean comments “The guys have been brilliant in getting our theme just right.”

Sean plans to launch the new Haringey DLE with an e-induction course coupled with an online forum for learners to discuss and collaborate on their ideas.

Sean has now turned his attention to managing the rollout to ensure he gets maximum impact. A presentation to the Senior Board Members and a communications strategy which includes an internal newsletter will help to spread the message to colleagues about exactly what the DLE can do.  Sean also hopes to develop DLE champions in different areas of the organisation who will also encourage the creation of DLE projects.


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