Don’t cut back on training now

With a recession in the UK now a reality we asked visitors to the Learning Pool website what impact the recession will have on their e-learning.

Nearly three quarters (70%) agreed that they’ll do more e-learning as a result because it is cheaper than classroom training.  Nobody agreed that they would do less training due to budget cuts, which left the remaining 30% undecided about what impact the downturn will have on their e-learning.

These results are broadly similar to another poll we carried out on website back in September when we asked “Have you made efficiency savings due to e-learning?”  At that time 56% said yes, 12% said no and 31% didn’t know.

These results would hopefully provide encouragement to the Prime Minister who spoke about the global recession to business leaders at Imperial College, London this week.  In his speech the PM urged that now is not the time to cut back on training in order to deal with the credit crunch and he outlined how training and investment in the work force is essential to equip the UK economy for success in the 21st century.

Despite a review of the LAA’s (and maybe CAA’s) potentially on the cards one thing is clear – CSR07 and the efficiency savings it requires are still a reality.  Those e-learning converts will say that this training delivery mechanism has a valid role to play.

Do you agree with our poll?


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