Award winning e-learning creator joins Learning Pool

We’re peachy pleased to have Chris Allan join us as a Regional Learning and Development Consultant from November 17th.  Chris joins us from the multi award winning Kirklees Council where he’s been the face of L&D for a while.  We’ve known Chris for years as an avid supporter of Learning Pool; here he answers some of our questions.


Why have you joined Learning Pool?

Having worked closely with Learning Pool since its earliest days I have always agreed with its ethos of sharing and not reinventing the wheel.  When the opportunity arose for me to build on my experience and work with other organisations who are going down the same path I was eager to give it a go.


Tell us a bit more about Kirklees

As well as being a 4 Star authority Kirklees Council has recently won The E-Learning Age Award for End User Support, The Local Government Award for Council of the Year, The Municipal Journal Award for Councillor Development Achievement of the Year (where we use Modern Councillor) and several other awards along the way.


I have been with Kirklees for 20 years working in Learning and Development, mainly in the area of IT, but over the last few years I have concentrated specifically on e-learning design and deployment.  Did I mention that we won an award in this area?


What excites you about the work you’ll be doing at Learning Pool?

Getting out and about and meeting people to share ideas.  I’ve always thought that collaboration and networking is a strong but vastly under used tool and now I have the chance to put my money where my mouth is and assist others to learn from, and work with, people in the same field.


What do you think the current challenges are for local government?  How can Learning Pool help?

Where do you begin?!  There are so many agendas and priorities right now that Learning Pool can play a role in.


The most recent financial issues around the Icelandic banks mean that Local Authority belts are going to be pulled even tighter than normal and they were being tugged hard already to achieve Gershon savings and generally improve performance.  Only Kerry Katona’s belt is being pulled tighter.


The tools that Learning Pool provides should help because they can:

·         empower new users to create e-learning

·         deliver lower cost training

·         deliver just-in-time solutions

·         allow improved monitoring and evaluation of learning

·         deliver across a wide geographical area

·         reduce the carbon footprint of training delivery


 What will you be doing in your new role?

I’m going to be a Regional Learning and Development Consultant, more commonly referred to as an Account Manager.  I’ll be travelling up and down the East of the country assisting Learning Pool members to put their e-learning ideas in to action and, sometimes, helping them to shape those ideas too.  I’ll also be the various Learning Pool networking events around and about too.


One Response to “Award winning e-learning creator joins Learning Pool”

  1. Steve Thompson Says:

    Welcome on board the Learning Pool Express Chris – I very much look forward to future meetings/discussions within your new role.

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