Share your e-learning and win a DS Lite

ds-liteWhen asked what it is about Learning Pool that’s most useful many people say it is the ability to re-purpose an existing course created by another public sector organisation.  We love it too, especially when we see the myriad of different subjects that are covered. 

But we haven’t had too many courses shared back in to the catalogue recently, although we know that lots of courses are being created because our poor Ben Jones has been busy helping to upload them on to your DLE’s.  Recent courses that have been either repurposed, created from scratch or produced by a third party and loaded on to DLE’s have topics such as Health and Safety, Induction, Equality Impact Assessment and Gov Connect. 

Do you need to produce a course on these topics or similar?  If so, why not kick off by uploading one of your courses first?

To encourage those of you who may be a little shy or like to hide your light under a bushel we’re launching a competition to find the best course shared back to the Learning Pool catalogue between now and Friday 23rd January 2009 (5.30pm sharp!).

Our very own Deborah Limb, e-learning guru extraordinaire, will judge which course is the most worthy of the prize.  To hear Deborah’s views on what constitutes good e-learning listen to her podcast on creating effective e-learning.

To upload your courses, read a Step by step guide to sharing and look at a few guidelines visit our Share page on the website.  If you have any queries ask your account manager or contact us at or call 0845 174 1101.

Good luck!



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