Learning Pool’s Customer Support team is on call………

girls-cryingNot since Take That split had such distress been witnessed when, in Spring 2008, Learning Pool customers were informed that they would no longer be able to directly call long-standing Customer Support member Ben Jones for help with their queries. 

No, Ben had not moved back to his native Wales or, perish the thought, absconded to a much inferior e-learning company.  Less fatally, due to the implementation of a new central phone and email support service, Ben and his continually up-graded mobile would no longer be the first port of call for customer’s technical problems.  

Although Ben enjoyed the close relationships he was to establish as the first point of contact for customers, particularly due to his expertise in queries relating to our Dynamic Learning Environment, he reckons the new system provides a more organised service. 

“Before the central telephone number was introduced I couldn’t always deal with queries outside of normal business hours.  But with the team that we now have in place, all our customers can experience an extremely high level of customer service when they need it.” 

As well as being able to take advantage of the increased operating hours of the support desk customers now also have the first lady of Learning Pool’s technical team, Miss Aine Bradley, at the ready to take their calls. 

Aine (pronounced Onya, although sometimes called Ian due to the breakdown in communication which comes from her being blessed with an Irish name) is the customer support team’s pool of knowledge when it comes to all technical queries relating to our established Modern Councillor Service and the newer but increasingly popular Modern Governor.  You should hear the wonderful names given to her 8 sisters and 1 brother!

Having had the pleasure of sitting next to Aine in the girl’s corner of the Learning Pool office I have often witnessed the high level of customer service she provides.  She is as eager to help in resetting passwords for Modern Councillor’s learners as she is in guiding new users through the self-registration process of Modern Governor, whilst also resolving that pesky problem we all experience on a day to day basis when using I.T-the pop-up blocker!  Aine’s clear instructions in helping customers resolve these issues are rooted in her belief that…

 “We’ve tried to make using our technical services as easy to follow as possible.  However this is always easy to say when you have a background in I.T!  To me, good customer service is about looking at the problem from the customer’s point of view.  Our aim is to enable our subscribers to learn in a quick and efficient manner and I love that I get to help people achieve this as part of the Customer Support team.” 

Learning Pool Customer Service Manager, Maeve McLaughlin summarises the importance of having a central support system in place. 

“It is vitally important we have a central support system in place to ensure all queries are managed within a trackable process.  With our central system, customers can be assured their calls and emails are directed to an available member of the support team which ensures a timely resolution and promotes a consistent approach.  From a team perspective, although Ben and Aine have their individual areas of expertise, they are both highly qualified to answer all support queries.  We implore all customers not to hesitate in contacting the support team, whether it’s for guidance, a query or just for a chat to let us know how you’re getting on!”

You can contact the customer support team, including Ben, via support@learningpool.com or on 0845 174 1101.  Our customer support desk is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 9am to 5.30pm.



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