Can council jobs be cut without undermining services?

bin-overflowingWith the recession tightening and news headlines delivering more talk of the worsening downturn in the economy every day the spectre of job cuts in the public sector has raised its head again this month. 

In recent weeks there has been talk of one council offering voluntary redundancy to its entire staff in the hope of reducing the payroll while another council is reportedly struggling to meet its redundancy payment obligations.  And, just this week, we hear that Scotland’s largest council, Glasgow City Council, has revealed how it needs to reduce staff numbers by 400 to save nearly £23m.

Turbulent times indeed with many public sector workers and their families inevitably to be affected.  With every redundancy round there are those who go and those who stay.  But the need to continue to deliver services to citizens remains unchanged.

We asked visitors to the Learning Pool website to vote on whether such council job cuts can be made without undermining services and the results were very interesting.  Just 50% of voters said that yes, jobs can be cut without undermining services while 39% said no; the remaining 11% said they didn’t know.

It seems that, for some, redundancy rounds can herald a cost cut too far whilst for others the need to reduce headcount is a another way to create efficiency savings to make a leaner and fitter local authority.

What do you think? Please let us know your comments.



One Response to “Can council jobs be cut without undermining services?”

  1. Cindy McCreary Says:

    Some of the cuts will be made to supporting services, such as training. These don’t undermine services in the short term, so the results may not be noticed immediately. However, these changes seriously undermine services in the longer term, and with the huge changes that Social Care staff are facing with the Transformation agenda, adequate retraining for many of them will be critical.

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