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Welcome to January 2009 – a New Year with new resolutions, promises and intentions. 

Now more than ever, the climate is right for seeking out efficiency gains, so I hope you find our case study about how Blaenau Gwent has demonstrated return on investment and delivered hard cash savings using Learning Pool services both interesting and inspiring.

Be aware or be defrauded
New AT5 features and enhancements
Blaenau Gwent saves cash by moving to e-learning
What’s on our site?

Be aware or be defrauded
laptop-lock1Fraud awareness continues to be a hot topic in the public sector and, ahead of European Data Protection Day on Wednesday 28th January, we decided to take a closer look at training for this area.
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New AT5 features and enhancements
coloured-crayonsWe’ve just completed another substantial upgrade to our Authoring Tool which is now available to download from our website.  

Upgrading to the new version of the software is not compulsory but it is highly recommended – just look at the list of improvements and enhancements we’ve made!

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Blaenau Gwent saves cash by moving to e-learning
recruitmentAs a result of financial constraints and capacity issues Blaenau Gwent considered how traditional training delivery needed to change to cope with these new challenges. 

Despite the situation it was imperative that the learning experience was provided and, if at all possible, enhanced.  The result was substantial cost savings and a product that is more flexible and offers a more in-depth learning experience.

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What’s on our website?

Our website is the home of Learning Pool and is continually updated with news, opinions and new features.  

We’ve recently added two brand new features for DLE owners in the form of My Reports and My Services, both of which can be found from the Home page navigation bar. 

My Reports gives you access to the reports from all your Learning Pool services without having to log in again to your DLE, whilst My Services gives you access to your DLE by simply clicking on the link provided for immediate, no fuss entry.

In fact, there’s so much on our website that it’s easy to get bamboozled so here’s a brief overview of the site and what you can find where.

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In Brief
Breakfast with Learning Pool

There was something for everyone at our recent Breakfast meeting in Birmingham, not least the tasty croissants and fruit that were served!

We talked about the Learning Pool philosophy, our community of L&D professionals and the services we offer to lots of potential new customers and we were also very pleased to be joined by Learning Pool customers Phil Lidster and Ian Liggett who shared their experiences. 

Those who listened were responsible for either Member Development or officer training and some lucky souls had responsibility for both. 

Our very own Lynn Jennings talked about our core subscription, Modern Councillor service and the Learning Pool DLE and aimed to have something that would appeal to everyone throughout the morning. 

Birmingham City Council has been a Learning Pool customer since our creation by the IDeA in 2002 so Phil Lidster’s experiences were warmly received.  Phil chronicled his e-learning journey over the past 7 years, including the challenges and hurdles they’ve overcome, together with the high expectations they set themselves at the beginning.  Those experiences, together with support from the Learning Pool team, have led to a realistic path of development now. 

Bury’s Ian Liggett gave a technical demonstration of Bury’s DLE, including proudly showing off the customised branding on the site’s main page – a beautiful winter weather theme.  Ian is an enthusiastic supporter of the DLE and took the group through how he uses its functionality and how he created his own video resources to use on the system, very simply and at little cost.  And one of the things that he loves the most about the DLE has to be the social networking functionality. 

We’re hosting more breakfast meetings soon so if you’re interested in hearing more about our services please come along too – we’d love to see you!  Contact us for the nearest meeting in your area.
NW regional e-learning network
lp-lpgoWe held our inaugural e-learning network meeting for the North West region this month and were blown away by the enthusiasm and energy of all those who attended. 

Learning Pool’s John Roughley hosted the event which brought together regional members to network and identify ways of improving collaboration and sharing information. 

The agenda kicked off by looking at the purpose of the group before moving on to a presentation from Deborah Limb on bespoke content development.  Deborah talked about some examples of recent projects Learning Pool has delivered for customers, including some simulation e-learning and work with a large housing association, Wolverhampton Homes. 

The group discussed working collaboratively to create an induction course for new joiners and lots of ideas and angles were identified for further consideration. 

Many thanks to our hosts, Greater Manchester Police Authority, for your hospitality. 

If you would like information on the e-learning network in your region please contact your account manager or email elearning@learningpool.com

New ‘workplace problem solving process’ coming in April
Did you know that the current statutory dismissal and grievance procedures are to be scrapped in April, in favour of a more simple process? 

A new ACAS Code, which will be a key feature of the government’s Employment Act, will come into force on 6 April 2009.  The Act and the new Code will replace the current compulsory statutory dismissal and grievance procedure (SDGP) which the government is scrapping. 

The key changes are that, from Monday 6th April there will be:

  • less emphasis on the mechanics of how to manage disciplinary issues, grievances and dismissals
  • more flexibility to resolve problems at an early stage and in a way that suits you best 

Do you have an e-learning course that will need to be updated to reflect the new procedures?  If you’d like any help bringing your e-learning in line please contact us  for our content development rates.  

There’s no stopping them!kirklees-council1
Hat’s off again to the award winning Kirklees Council who has recently received a high commendation for the Local eGovernment Excellence: Take up and Usage growth award at the National eGovernment Awards for its DigiTV activity.  Congratulations!

New e-learning for Wolverhampton Homes
We’ve been commissioned by Wolverhampton Homes to create an e-learning course to support the roll out of the Northgate Housing Management System.  The e-learning will form part of a suite of training including roadshows, classroom-based training, poster campaigns and one-to-one support.

The e-learning will familiarise all users with the Northgate system and provide them with a basic understanding of navigation, retrieval of records and viewing of records.  It will also outline why the system is being introduced and the benefits it will bring. 

We’re designing the e-learning to be visual, interactive and stimulating, ensuring an engaging and informative experience for learners.  The course is designed to allow learners to interact with simulated scenarios.

If you use Northgate Housing Management System and you’re interested in learning more about this e-learning please contact us.

Welcome on board to
welcome-sign-4Aberdeen City Council
Brentwood Borough Council
Colchester Borough Council
Epping Forest District Council
Linc Cymru Housing Association
Latest courses added

Charing a Disciplinary Hearing: Bury Council

Questioning Techniques: Bury Council

Sustainability : Brighton and Hove City Council (Available on request).

Government Connect – IT Security module : Plymouth City Council

Dates for your diary

Thu 5th                                      London, DLE Workshop
Wed 11th & Thu 12th            London, Authoring Tool Workshop
Fri 13th                                      London, DLE workshop

Tue 3rd & Wed 4th                 Bristol, Authoring Tool Workshop
Thu 5th                                       Bristol, DLE workshop
Mon 9th & Tues 10th            London, Authoring Tool Workshop
Tues 17th & Wed 18th          Manchester, Authoring Tool Workshop
Thurs 19th                                Manchester, DLE Workshop

Mon 1st & Tues 2nd               London, Authoring Tool Workshop

Wed 6th & Thurs 7th            London, Authoring Tool Workshop
Wed 20th                                  London, Annual Conference

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And finally
“What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.”
Author:  Samuel Johnson 

“To-day is the pupil of yesterday.”
Author:  Publilius Syrus


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