Need an extra pair of hands to create your courses for you?

hands_pair2We know that an e-learning course is only as good as the content that goes in it.  We also know that developing high quality e-learning could be just the thing to unlock savings and effectively support your developing workforce.
As many of you know, in addition to providing you with the tools to create your own e-learning we also have a range of bespoke content development services for those who need an extra pair of hands. 

If you’re short on time our industry leading instructional designers and subject matter experts can help you in a number of ways. 
We can source and create the right graphics, images and animations, right through to undertaking instructional design, writing assessments, creating podcasts and video-based content.
We’ll happily polish up a course you’ve already created or even take the job off your hands completely.  Whatever suits you.

Recent projects
Migration Awareness for West Norfolk Partnership
Used to improve staff awareness of migrant worker issues, this e-learning covers social cohesion, cultural awareness, managing language barriers and understanding rights and responsibilities.  It uses storytelling and scenarios to convey the key messages.  The West Norfolk Partnership is a group of private, voluntary and statutory organisations.

Passport to Procurement for Norfolk County Council
Originally commissioned by the National Training User Group through the IDeA this procurement e-learning course was recently revised by Norfolk CC and the NE RIEP.  It now covers new procurement legislation and procurement principles.  The course was developed as part of a National Procurement Strategy project and was shortlisted for a SOPO Award.

Manager Induction:  People Management Processes, Basildon District Council
We created and delivered 6 e-learning modules on 6 topics in 6 weeks for Basildon.  Aimed at managers, each 30 minute module covers a different people management policy.  Subjects range from capability procedure and absence management to the LA’s dispute resolution procedure.  Designed as part of a blend learners must achieve 80% before they can attend the classroom based training.

Corporate Induction for London Borough of Bexley
The e-learning course produced for Bexley includes a video message from the Chief Executive and ensures that all new recruits are engaged in the boarding process as early as possible.  This course is one of a series of e-learning modules created to welcome new joiners from the day they are appointed to their roles within the council.

Mapping Services Agreement for IDeA
The complex contract for this nationwide collaborative project is explained in e-learning format for Authority Liaison officers.  The data and services delivered under the MSA are used to underpin over 80% of what local government does.  Officers responsible for accessing digital mapping, geographical and spatial information services for their organisations can now use case studies and video to learn about the MSA in this flagship interactive e-learning module.

For more details on our content development services, including costs, contact or call 0207 101 9383.


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