Introducing LPTV – free hosted online video storage

tv-with-aerialJanuary 2009 will see the launch of an exciting new feature developed by Learning Pool called Learning Pool TV (LPTV).

This new service will give you access to an online video storage and sharing space where you can post files and make them available, only to your organisation or more widely across the Learning Pool community.  These videos can then be linked to your DLE or included in any authored course.

So how will it work?

To give you an example, John Smith has a course containing some Learning Ladder material.  This course is 100MB big so is therefore a bit clunky and tricky to update and maintain.

John’s course contains a video and, using Learning Pool’s new service, John extracts the video and places it on LP.TV.  He embedded links to the video in the course at the appropriate place.

By taking out the video a course which was once 100MB in size is now 100k and much easier to maintain and update.

Further to this Learning Pool will compress the file making it even smaller than before, keeping Mr Smith happy and his course a much more manageable size.

Want to know more? Contact us at


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