Basildon’s Management Devt Programme enhanced with e-learning

cogsLearning Pool’s content development team, headed up by Deborah Limb, has just delivered six e-learning modules on six separate topics to Basildon Council in just six weeks.

Aimed at Basildon’s managers, each e-learning module is 30 minutes long and covers a different people management policy.  Subjects range from capability procedure and absence management to the authority’s dispute resolution procedure. 

All policies existed in paper format before but the new e-learning courses have been created to feature text and clickable graphics and are a faster, more effective and more palatable way for managers to learn the policies. 

The e-learning courses are designed to create a blend with the subsequent classroom training.  Learners are allowed three attempts to complete the built in assessments at a grade of 80% or more to enable them to attend the classroom based courses. 

And, because the courses are delivered via the council’s DLE, evidenced learning and reporting is guaranteed.

As well as assessments learners are asked to complete a built in evaluation form for each course so that feedback on the functionality and process of e-learning is also captured.

The courses went live on Basildon’s DLE on the target date of Monday 15th December, much to the delight of Christine Shakespeare who said “Well done to all, you have achieved a very professional look and feel on a difficult subject!”

Commenting on the creation of six separate pieces of e-learning in the short time frame Deborah said “Basildon were a great client to work with.  They knew exactly what they wanted and gave us a very clear brief and deadlines so creating the e-learning was actually quite straightforward.  Hopefully the policies will now be easier for learners to digest because they’re delivered in an e-learning rather than paper format.”


One Response to “Basildon’s Management Devt Programme enhanced with e-learning”

  1. Julie Dixon Says:

    We are just starting to use Learning Pool and would really like to see how Basildon have used it for communicating policies.

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