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Learning Pool conference – Ben Page on Social Networking

April 26, 2009

ben-pageBen Page, MD of Ipsos MORI and one of the 50 most influential people in local government according to the Local Government Chronicle,  will be speaking at the Public Sector Learning Conference on Wednesday 20th May.

Ben’s keynote speech will critique today’s social networking phenomenon and how it has evolved from being the domain of techno geeks to the fabric of society in just a few years.

The interactive Public Sector Learning Conference – Fresh ideas for tomorrow’s people, is taking place at the Hilton London Kensington, 20th May and will benefit smart organisations who want to find out how to use new media to create efficiencies and service improvements.

Other key speakers include:

• Charles Jennings, former Head of Learning for Thomson Reuters, who will discuss how to develop a robust technology- enabled learning & development strategy

• Donald Clark, board member of UFI LearnDirect, who will be outlining why he feels sharing, self-publishing, search and social-networking will shape the 21st Century and how, in the middle of the current financial difficulties, lies opportunity

• Major Roy Evans, British Army, who will be speaking on how he has developed and delivered mobile e-learning activities for active frontline personnel

• Henry Stewart, Happy Computers, who will be providing top advice on ‘How to turn learners on’ and keep them engaged.

Conference delegates can choose to attend one of 4 master classes on:
• Writing for Electronic Media
• What’s the point of Equality & Diversity?
• Taking control of your email
• How to develop your e-learning strategy

There will also be a series of showcases run by public sector organisations on:
• Using e-learning to communicate policy
• Training lots of colleagues quickly on Government Connect
• Delivering social care e-learning
• Collaborative partnership working by Essex HR Partnership.

For more information and to book places click here or call 0207 101 9383.


It’s still good to talk

April 20, 2009

buzby1Do you remember a BT ad from the late ‘80’s where the dad answers the phone and immediately passes the caller, his daughter, to the mum to chat to?

Well, I was one of those daughters.

Whenever I called my parents my dad would answer and say, “Hang on, I’ll get your mum…” and would only spend a few seconds on the phone with me.

But I’ve noticed that now I’m a skype user via the laptop the tables have turned – and it’s dad who spends all the time on the ‘phone’ and not mum.

In fact he has become something of a skype stalker and relishes in ‘catching’ me when I happen to be on line for any other purpose. He seems to delight in giving me an entire run down of every goal scored in the Premier League each week.

Perhaps there’s something about the use of technology that makes it more ‘manly’ for the more traditional generation to call now? Or maybe my dad’s just a mischief maker.