Public Sector Learning: Delivering Social Care e-learning showcase

Delivering social care e-learning
Steve Day, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

To raise the level of vigilance in safeguarding adults by March 2009, Rotherham Council’s (RMBC) Neighbourhoods and Adult Services (NAS) Directorate Management Team set a target for its 2,000+ staff to receive safeguarding adults training.

A mandatory e-learning module, accessed via RMBC’s DLE, was agreed for development and roll-out.  At the 31st March 2009, 2,053 (95%) of staff had completed.

All RMBC staff can access the module, which reinforces the NAS Directorate’s view that Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

As part of the Safeguarding Improvement Plan, a Health and Social Care DLE has now been agreed, enabling this module to be ‘rolled out’ to our multi-agency partners; it is currently under development with Learning Pool.

Hear from Steve Day on how Rotherham MBC managed to deliver vital social care e-learning to over 2,000 staff in just 8 weeks.

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