E-learning on National Learn at Work day 2009

man-pushing-out-of-boxEvery year, Adult Learners’ Week helps inspire thousands of people to see what learning could do for them, offering them the chance to catch up on skills they’ve missed out on in the past, or develop themselves for the future.

This year the theme for National Learn at Work day, which falls during the Adult Learner’s Week, is Skilled for Success and those savvy L&D promoters amongst you may well have already thought about how you can tie in your current hot topics with the campaign.

Jonathan Newcombe at Norfolk County Council is using National Learn at Work day to launch the council’s brand new e-learning programme to the staff within the council. 

Jonathan says “We’ve got some great events and activities planned to launch our corporate e-learning programme, starting with our Welcome to Norfolk Induction course.

“We’re fortunate to have a solid learning culture here at Norfolk CC.  Learning is valued and we get high profile support from our CE and Chief Officers’ Group who recently took part in an hour long Skills for Life test on English and Maths to demonstrate their commitment to our Skills Pledge.”

Other new joiners to Learning Pool, Tower Hamlets Homes, are also using the day as a platform to launch their e-learning.

This annual learning fest is a great excuse to get creative and enthuse your colleagues about learning.  And of course learning does not always have to be formal. 

Charles Jennings, one of the speakers at the forthcoming Public Sector Learning Conference, talks about how Reuters practices the 70/20/10 rule.  This rule states that 70% of all learning is achieved through experience; 20% through others; and the remaining 10% is achieved through structured off the job training, like e-learning.

Click for more about Learning at Work Day.


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