Here at Learning Pool we provide e-learning for the public sector.  We were set up by the IDeA in 2002 but have been independent since 2006 and we now have over 86% of all councils in England using our services. 

We help organisations to create, share and access e-learning content that’s been designed specifically for the public sector without making a huge strategic or financial investment. 

Our subscription service gives access to over 120 e-learning courses on topics such as People Management, Environment and Climate Change,  Health and Safety, Procurement and Induction, to name a few. 

You can also create your own e-learning in minutes, much as you would create a presentation using MS Powerpoint. 

Subscribers share the e-learning they’ve created with each other and let others repurpose it for their own needs so that, in minutes, they’ve created an e-learning course.  This virtuous circle allows efficiency savings to be made and the sharing of best practice.

We’ve also got e-learning just for elected Members (called Modern Councillor) and for School Governors (Modern Governor).

Tom Pike from London Borough of Barnet said “Our relationship with Learning Pool has provided us with the foundation for our whole e-learning strategy.”







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