Should I share?

easter-egg1It’s that time of year again.  Yes it’s Easter, every chocolate lovers paradise where friends and family send you lots of hollow chocolate eggs, if you’re very lucky.

This time last Easter I was in quite a dilemma.  After buying lots of lovely chocolate eggs for my friends I then didn’t want to give with them away.

Grudgingly, and with my stomach rumbling, I eventually parted with the treats, hoping that one of my friends would give the gift back.  Sadly for me, the presents were well received by all.

All was not lost, however.

After sharing the eggs I received quite a surprise.  Within a few hours I was no longer eggless.

Because of my sharing, my friends had followed suit and I began receiving a wide variety of different types of eggs from milk to dark chocolate and even white (my favourite).

Why am I telling you this story?  Well, I was struck by the similarities with Learning Pool.  

Learning Pool is a community and, just like me sharing my eggs with my friends, Learning Pool members share courses with each other. 

By sharing, you just never know what you might receive in return.  What goes around, comes around.  And it’s generally all good.

This is the essence and beauty of being part of Learning Pool – everyone can work together and pool their resources to make efficiency savings in both time and money.  Whether it is repurposing other people’s courses or contacting other members for advice, the benefits are endless…

So this Easter why not share a course, enjoy all the benefits of Learning Pool and maybe enjoy an Easter egg or two?

I’m off to nibble mine now…



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