Social media made me a rock-star!

londoncallingclashI had another experience today of how social media really does work.

Everyone who knows me knows that I never leave the house without a reasonably polished PowerPoint presentation in case I might need one.  You just never know who you might meet on your daily travels. 

A few weeks ago I delivered a presentation to the NILGA conference here in Northern Ireland.  It was pretty well received and I decided to share it on the fantastic when I got home that evening.

I love Slide Share and I go there pretty regularly to see what’s been shared, although I confess that I normally use it for getting ideas rather than giving my own.

This time though I thought I’d share my work and I know a few people who were there have made use of it. 

I  thought no more about the presentation until the nice people at Slide Share emailed me this morning to tell me that it had been viewed a lot and someone had even made it one of their favourites!

I’ve also had a few people contact me today about the presentation and I’ve made some really interesting contacts as a result.

But the best thing is that the Slide Share team now refer to me as a rock star… another boyhood fantasy fulfilled, if slightly differently than they way I had expected (again)!

Incidentally my presentation was about using new media in the public sector and talked about what some of our very own Learning Pool customers are up, as well as the wonders of new technology.   Take a look, if you’re interested.

Using social media to improve public services

It got me thinking that we should start applauding our Learning Pool customers a bit more and awarding titles for those of you who do great things.  Anyone got any ideas? 

But I have to tell you, I’d be pretty reluctant to let anyone claim my title of being a rockstar!

Paul “the axe man” McElvaney


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