Mind your language


Just so that you know,  if you work in local government you shouldn’t be using these words as they’re meaningless, confusing and generally not understood by most people.

Going to be pretty quiet round here then …………..


PS.  Ok, you can use them.  But if you’re absolutely, cross your heart sure that the people you’re talking to do actually have a tiny bit of intelligence.  But only if you’re sure.  Wouldn’t want to confuse the poppets.


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4 Responses to “Mind your language”

  1. Mary McKenna Says:

    This news item is all over the wires and has made me laugh out loud several times today – which has been nice as I’ve been in the house by myself all day and I needed a bit of amusement from time to time.

    A much wiser person than me (and he’s also a local politician – so I guess that he should know about these things) told me last week at our Learning Pool Government Connect event in Bristol that he believed the LGA had lost its way.

    I admit I yeah-yeahed him a bit – but since seeing this I know what he was saying is completely true. This stuff is barmy and gives local government a bad name. Why don’t the LGA do something useful with your subscription monies instead of coming out with rubbish like this. I can only conclude that perhaps they aren’t as busy as the rest of us and you all know what the devil makes idle hands do!

  2. Paul McElvaney Says:

    I love the fact that the LGA have used the word ‘sustainability’ in their newsletter today… guess the word police will be coming around to see John Ransford about it!

  3. Mary McKenna Says:

    Ha ha ha – it’s all too easy to poke fun at our more bureaucratic colleagues – I can think of entire shoals of people at the IDeA who will be rendered incapable of forming complete sentences now that their “vocabulary” has been savaged in this way.

  4. Phil Lidster Says:

    I agree with the plain English campaign. Public sector bodies should use language that is easy to understand. It is not about talking down to people and patronising them, it is simply about being clear.

    However, I’m not at all sure about the LGA. On the home page today is the expression “empowering engagement”. A little ironic, don’t you think?

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