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Theme for a MASH

June 23, 2008

Paul and I were at a Web 2.0 conference in Belfast recently and came away buzzing about all the new things we learnt. It was really energizing to learn about the difference Web 2.0 can make to what we’re doing here at Learning Pool.

On the surface Web 2.0 technology ticks all our boxes – it’s about facilitating information sharing, creativity and (ding! ding!) collaboration. Sound like anyone you know?

But, as a none techy marketing person, I have to admit to sometimes being a bit bedazzled by the seemingly endless possibilities that technology can offer. I’m still referring back to the manual to find out what else I can do with my playing card sized digital camera, 6 months after purchase. I’ve just found out I can record videos with it…

And that’s why I love Web 2.0 . I can understand it, I can see how the technology is relevant to me and my work, and I can see what fun we can have with it.

We learnt that the technology is not just for the MySpace generation but how it could also be used whenever anyone, be it in a personal or business context, wants to interact with others. It’s about the world wide web allowing interactivity and, in true LP styley, creating a virtuous circle of uploading, downloading and general collaboration and networking.

So we’ve got a few ideas of things we could do. Online collaborative authoring, anyone? How about an online picture library where you upload your images, we upload ours and we do a deal with a reputable picture library to give you access to hundreds of fab images, all as part of your subscription price? (Actually we’re already doing that one – we’ll be launching it in a few weeks).

We’re going to create more podcasts by filming and recording you at our events and account meetings (you have been warned) and we’ll be featuring more of what you’re doing Web 2.0 wise too, using your Learning Pool DLE.

So thank you to Jeff at Quadriga consulting and all the other speakers for a fab conference. Check out Jeff’s blog for more on Web 2.0 and social networking.

Oh, and I also learnt what a MASH is. Take a whole load of different Web 2.0 elements and mix and mash them together to create something that’s bigger and better than the individual parts (sounds a bit like blended learning to me). Brilliant.